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Restaurant Strip Outs
Restaurant Strip Outs
Get Best In Class Restaurant Strip Outs In Sydney

Professional Restaurant Strip Outs In Sydney

Running a restaurant takes a lot of effort: the food preparation, cooking, the hospitality and serving of the food and many other things. Indeed, most restaurant owners are proud of their restaurant chain and serving their customers. But if the lease is coming to an end and you don’t want to extend it for a few more years, you can move out. And for that, you need professional restaurant strip outs in Sydney. You don’t want to get involved in the process of removing all the internal fixtures, fittings, ceilings, floor coverings, do you? Doing it in a DIY manner is inconvenient, slow, and not safe for your health at all. That is why we recommend hiring one of the leading contractors for restaurant strip outs in Sydney - JNC Projects.
JNC Projects - Small Demolition Experts For Your Commercial Make Good!
Having worked on countless small demolitions projects across the suburbs in Sydney, restaurant strip out is a piece of cake for us. We carry more than 20 years of experience when we undertake your restaurant defit work. Our expertise allows us to quickly remove all the things you have installed while setting up the restaurant. Whether it’s the partition walls, stylish floor materials, exquisite ceilings, or other such non-structural fittings, you can bank on our services. Every year, we receive hundreds of requests from restaurant owners for restaurant strip outs in Sydney. Not only do we fulfil their expectations, but we exceed them regularly. Regardless of your restaurant’s size, we can come in and demolish all the non-structural construction within no time. Our services are available at a reasonably low price, and we never leave any room for complaints.
Our Approach Towards Restaurant Strip Outs Near Sydney
JNC Projects is renowned for its excellent approach towards commercial demolition and strip out services. We carefully plan every step in our journey to deliver an ideal outcome to you. As mentioned earlier, there is no room for error at JNC Projects, and we take it upon ourselves very seriously. And you can see the reflection of this principle when we start working on your restaurant strip out work in Sydney.
  • Our team will first visit your restaurant site and inspect everything.
  • Next, they will draft an assessment report to list the services and resources needed for your restaurant’s non-structural demolition.
  • And then comes the internal discussion with our team. We will carefully go through the findings of the assessment and draw up a quote accordingly.
  • Once both the parties (You and JNC Projects) agree upon a particular quotation, we will start our work instantaneously.
We act quickly and deliver excellent outcomes, but our initial consultation is also free of cost. Due to such a well-thought approach towards every commercial defit project, we are widely considered the best in this business. So, you can avail of our services for your restaurant’s non-structural interior demolition. Just call us now!

Our Services

Shop Defits
A shop de-fit means a leasing obligation which is required at the end of a lease and the start of a new lease at the time when a new business has taken over the tenancy over a shop.
Office Defits
Our ‘Back to Base’ defit and makegood services will restore your Office back to it’s original condition at the end of the lease. We can remove all fixtures and fittings such as partitions, false ceilings, light fixtures, shelving, cabinets and desktops etc.We can also remove the flooring (carpets/vinyl/tiles etc) and grind then path the floor back to base slab. The walls can be patched and painted to a smooth finish.
Non Structural Demolition
JNC Projects specialises in non-structural demolition within the domestic and commercial environment. We are competent enough to remove all fixtures and fittings, floor coverings, ceilings, and walls. We persistently de-fit shops and offices, strip out hotels, apartments, and houses.
Kitchen Demolition
At JNC Projects, we possess a substantial amount of experience and specialised forte in the domain of kitchen demolition in Sydney.
Bathroom Demolition
Are you searching for the best, efficient, and dependable professional bathroom demolition contractors in Sydney? JNC Projects would be your apt choice. JNC Projects deliver the most affordable Bathroom Demolitions near and across Sydney.
Retail Store Make Goods
You are now leaving the place and shifting your business somewhere else. To avoid any problems during this transition, you should clear out your retail store make goods due before moving out. And JNC Projects will help you experience a smooth transition with the help of our excellent strip out services!
Office Partitions Removal
There are many good shops around the corner which offers office partition removal services. So, why should you ditch them completely and come to us? Well, there are many reasons, and we would love to present them below. And we urge you to read them carefully.
Office Furniture Removal
We recommend all our customers to stay home as far as possible and stay safe from infections. We insist upon our clientele to follow the government restrictions while we endure hard to help you move forward during these difficult pandemic times.
Tile Removal
JNC Projects possess several points of locations of operations and execution in Sydney that are the best choice for your tile removal specialists.
Office Strip Outs
During the event of an office strip-outs in Sydney or a probable relocation, many contracts need the office space to be entirely vacant for the new tenants to occupy. This is subject to the complete removal and dismantling of the entire office fixtures, signs, furniture, equipment etc.
Kitchen Strip Out
We are competent enough to execute strip outs of any space, consisting of kitchens, apartments, houses, shops, bathrooms, laundries and much more.
Industrial Strip Outs
You can completely rely on our experts to execute commercial and industrial strip out as well as demolition. We aim at completion of our industrial strip out safely, on time and that which suits your budget requirements. We cater a committed delivery of our quality services meeting your specific needs and ensuring waste is disposed of responsibly at EPA approved facilities.
Residential Strip Outs
Residential strip outs are a common procedure for renovation. After all, when you are wanting to make changes in your home, it can be easier to achieve a new look by starting with a blank canvas.
Restaurant Strip Outs
From removing the ceilings, fixtures, fittings, and much more, you can rely on JNC Projects. We lead the industry in innovation, service delivery and customer service so that you can bank on us anytime. Just make sure to call our number.
Commercial Strip Outs
We deliver the perfect blend of dedication, hard work and skillset for non-structural demolitions inside your commercial space. We will remove the ceilings, fittings, wirings, and other elements at your place without any struggles. JNC Projects is that competent and reliable when it comes to commercial strip out gigs around Sydney!
End of Lease Make Good
Return your leased property to its original condition to meet the “make good” clause on the end of your lease.
Why Hire JNC Projects?
Before moving out or renovating the existing restaurant space, it’s essential to demolish the existing structure inside of it. For this job, there’s no better contractor than JNC Projects.
  • We have a team of fully licensed demolishers working for us. Furthermore, they are also insured for damages.
  • JNC Projects’ employees have CM3 Prequalification accreditation. So, you can expect them to work safely and without causing any harm to anybody.
  • Our workers are equipped with the latest tools for small demolition, such as the crowbar, sledgehammer, hacksaw, ladder, pliers, tapes, etc.
  • You will find all the internal fixtures and fittings removed within the set deadline. We ensure there’s no delay when JNC Projects undertakes any project.
  • Our team can also take care of the rubbish and asbestos after the restaurant strip out in Sydney is finished.
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