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Reliable Remedial Demolition Work In Sydney

JNC Projects has been a multi-disciplined, leading contractor of remedial demolition and construction in Sydney for over 20 years. Our experience has taught us how to always be the vanguard of safety while undertaking remedial demolition. So, you can rest assured that we would handle all the demolition work in Sydney with ultimate professionalism.

What is Remedial Demolition?

Remedial works are essential in Sydney construction to correct defects in a building and part of these works include remedial demolition. These defects, whether visible or invisible to the eye, that are essentially mistakes that do not fit into the contract.

These defects which companies hire us our remedial demolitionists for may be due to reasons such as-

  • Problems with specifications during construction. Improper ideas in measurement or incomplete material specifications.
  • Improper workmanship through a deficient performance of workers during construction.
  • Defects and deficiencies in design during construction. If a design is not executed properly or if the design needs to be changed from the original contract idea.
  • Deficiency in materials required for construction.

These defects, which result in remedial construction companies hiring our services for remedial demolition in Sydney, may be latent or patent.

Latent defects are defects in a building that you cannot detect with objective inspection, an example of this is hidden foundational defects that may remain undiscovered. On the other hand, patent defects can be easily detected with proper, objective investigations. Our team will be able to identify, analyse and come up with a solution to handle any of these defects, with our adept expertise in remedial constuctions.

Why Choose JNC Projects for Remedial demolition?

JNC projects have offered experienced and expert services for remedial construction and demolition for various projects in Sydney. You should choose our services for our reputable remedial demolition work. Our success in the field of construction, as well as in remedial demolition in Sydney, is owed to factors such as

  • Our highly experienced and trained team of contractors and workmen who bring each project to its completion. All of our workers have been part of complex projects and have gained sufficient experience in all aspects of remedial demolition.
  • We offer thorough assistance for clients in our complete remedial demolition services and construction to our clientele with budget-friendly solutions.
  • Safety is one of our primary concerns. Our proficient project managers and engineers are trained with this motto, and we also have trained safety and quality check supervisors in our team.
  • We value thorough communication with our clients, as we work to offer a fulfilling experience in all projects we take on. Hence, we manage and address all our client’s queries regarding remedial demolition with care.
  • Our remedial demolition services include demolitions for all types of latent and patent defects. We also offer remedial demolition for aging infrastructure and issues related to environmental concerns such as contamination. On top of this, our engineers also handle structural demolition, selective demolition as well as cleaning up the debris removal following demolition.

For further details regarding our expertise in the field of remedial demolition, you can read about our recent projects. You can also look through the gallery of pictures to gain an idea about the quality of services we offer.


Balconies Demolition – 47 Australia Ave Camperdown


Residential Demolition


$12,000 + GST


All balconies on 3 levels front/back and forecourt

 Project Description

JNC Projects was subcontracted by a remedial building company to strip 6 balconies and the pebblecrete forecourt. Main elements of the works associated with this contract include the following proposed works: Strip 6 balconies by removing all tiles, brick walls, balustrades. Removal of tiles under glass doors. Strip side skirts. Remove render and return concrete floor to base slab on all 6 balconies. Excavate pebblecrete forecourt and return to base slab. Remove all waste. All work was carried out in a professional manor leaving the site clean and ready for the next building stage requirements. Our clients were very pleased with our work.

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For a consultation with our expert contractors regarding remedial demolition work or hiring our services in Sydney, call us at 0410 973 760. Alternatively, you can also get in touch with us through our website at Fill out the form, and our representative would get back to your promptly.



“Thank you for doing a great job! The JNC Projects team was professional, knowledgeable, hard working and most of all, safe. I have no hesitation recommending them for future work”

~ Anthony

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