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End of Lease Make Good

February 27th, 2014 Posted by Strip Out 0 thoughts on “End of Lease Make Good”

Has your business lease ended?

Relocating your shop to another location?

Landlord has requested a “make good”?

Then here are some tips!


Most commercial leases will include a make good clause that requires you to return the store or office back to it’s original state. Basically strip it out and defit it back to an empty shell or base building.

Always check with your landlord to see what is required of you before you vacate the property. If a make good or strip out is required then you should ask your landlord for a scope of works.   

A typical scope of works for a make good would be the following:

  • Disconnect and reconfigure services (electrical and plumbing) to original design
  • Remove all furniture
  • Remove fixtures and fittings
  • Demolish partition walls and ceiling
  • Grind and patch inter-tenancy walls ready for painting
  • Remove floor covering and bedding.
  • Grind and level floor
  • Cut floor back to lease line
  • Remove the shop front including signage, glass and doors
  • Remove HVAC
  • Removal all rubbish from site
  • Clean the entire site upon completion

Tip: Some landlords will require you to perform an EHI scan and provide a report. This is to identify and locate services before you excavate the floor. It may be mandatory before you can jack hammer the floor and excavate the tiles.

If you want this process done quickly and efficiently, with minimal disruption to your daily routine, please call us and let our experienced team take care of all your end of lease make good needs. Our team members will meet you on site, discuss the scope of works and then provide you with a FREE competitive quote.

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